2022 Saintes Volleyball

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Home Game Match Worker Sign Ups

Each family will need to sing up to work 1-2 times for our home games.  Duties needed are line judges, libero trackers and written scorebook keepers (I only need written scorebook keepers for the Tuesday Sept. 20th games – all other home games are covered).  If you are not able to work the duty that you signed up for – you will need to find your replacement.  The coaches will not be available to fill in.



Saturday Tournament Food Sign Ups

Please sign up to help bring in food, etc. for the teams for the Saturday tournaments that they will be playing in.  You only need to sign up to bring things for  the tournaments your player will be participating in (ex. JV players sign up to bring things for their JV tournaments).



TJ Varsity Tournament Info 10/1/2022

Below is the schedule for the TJ Varsity volleyball tournament.  Doors open at 7am for Teams, 7:30am for spectators.

TJ Varsity Invite 2022-2



AL JV Tournament Info 10/8/2022

The JV will be playing in the Lynx Gym – their side gym/practice gym.  9am start time.

Lynx JV Volleyball Tourney 2022




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