2023 St Albert Saintes Volleyball Schedule

 UPDATED 7/5/2023
*All dates and times are subject to change at any time.

Date Level Opponent Site Time
21-Aug JV Quad Tri-Center/LC/AL AL 5:00pm
24-Aug JV Quad T-C/Glenwood/MVAOCOU Glenwood 5:00pm
26-Aug Var Harlan Tournament Harlan 9:00am
29-Aug 9th Quad Tri-Center/LC/AL Tri-Center 5:00pm
2-Sep Var Atlantic Tournament Atlantic 9:00am
7-Sep 9/JV/V Fremont Mills HOME 4:30pm
9-Sep JV LC Tournament LC 9:00am
12-Sep Var Red Oak/Kuemper/SA Triangular Kuemper 4:30pm
14-Sep 9/JV/V Shenandoah HOME 4:30pm
16-Sep Var Red Oak Tournament Red Oak 8:30am
19-Sep 9/JV/V Denison-Schleswig Denison 4:30pm
23-Sep JV TJ JV Invite TJ 9:00am
23-Sep Var Bedford Tournament Bedford 9:00am
26-Sep 9/JV/Var Clarinda (Pink Out) HOME 4:30pm
28-Sep JV Glenwood/Fremont Mills/SA Triangular HOME TBA
30-Sep Var TJ Invite TJ 9:00am
3-Oct 9th/Var Harlan/Glenwood/SA Triangular Harlan 4:30pm
5-Oct 9/JV/V Creston Creston 4:30pm
7-Oct JV AL JV Tournament AL 9:00am
9-Oct 9 Glenwood 9th Trny Glenwood TBA
10-Oct 9/JV/V Lewis Central – Senior Night HOME 4:30pm
12-Oct 9/JV/V Atlantic Atlantic 4:30pm
16-Oct Var Regional 1st Round TBA TBA
18-Oct Var Regional 2nd Round TBA TBA
23-Oct Var Regional Semi-Final TBA TBA
25-Oct Var Regional Final TBA TBA
10/30 – 11/2 Var STATE TOURNAMENT Iowa City TBA